Natural language processing and cognitive science. Ediz. italiana e i nglese

Natural language processing and cognitive science. Ediz. italiana e i nglese

The 12° International workshop NLPCS2015) provided a forum for researchers and practitioners from the fields of natural language processing, computational linguistics and cognitive science to their ideas and investigations.The meeting fosters interactions among researchers and practitioners in Natural Language Processing (NLP) by taking a Cognitive Science perspective and learning from recent advances in Cognitive Neuroscience, Cognitive Linguistics and Neurolinguistics. This book compiles the papers delivered at the workshop, covering a wide range of topics namely: Cognitive and Psychological Models of NLP – Cognitive Neuroscience of Language – Computational Models of NLP – Computational Models in Neuroscience – Corpus Linguistics – Discourse Processing – Emotion and Language Processing – Evolutionary NLP – Multi-Lingual Processing – Multimodality in Speech / Text Processing – Natural Language Interfaces and Dialogue Systems – Neural bases of Language – Pragmatics and NLP – Speech Processing – Social Cognition of Language – Text Mining – Text Summarisation and Information Extraction – Tools and Resources in NLP – Translation and Machine Translation.

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Natural language processing and cognitive science. Natural language processing and cognitive science. delle modalità cognitive e dei meccanismi fono-articolatori. Cognition and Society' - 13th Annual Conference of the Italian Association for Cognitive Sciences,. on the opposition between Computational Cognitive Science and.

natural language processing. natural language processing.

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